Why invest in a Central Vacuum System?


Central Vacuum Systems offer many benefits not found in portable vacuums. It’s no wonder that Central Vacuums are increasingly being installed in offices, sport centres, beauty shops, workrooms, farms, gyms, fitness centres, car washes and workshops as well as in Malls, cinemas, theatres, museums, hotels, places of worship, retirement homes, apartment blocks, hospitals, car dealers, schools and factories of all types and sizes.


  • Quiet Convenience.
    The lightweight hose clicks into conveniently located valves around the workplace and activates the fixed Sistem-Air motor to clean silently and effortlessly.
  • A Healthier Workplace.
    Allergists recommend Sistem-Air because unhealthy air, allergens and dirt are vented outside, eliminating re-circulation of fine dust and organic matter onto floors, fittings and into the lungs of your staff. Conventional canister vacuums recirculate organic matter and allergens every time they are used.
  • Power.
    The massive power the induction motor of your Sistem-Air can service any number of simultaneous users you care to nominate and is engineered to run 24/7 as all are fitted with a vacuum breaker valve which allows the motor to run continuously without working against a closed circuit.

  • Adds Efficiency to the Workplace.
    This system increases the efficiency of your workforce with instant vacuum power available by plugging a light hose into conveniently located valves around the work area.


When you install Sistem-Air Central Vacuum System in your workplace you do so with confidence of a 5-year warranty, knowing that you’re getting the finest central vacuum system made.